Friday, 21 February 2014

Casting the DoD into the Recycling Bin of History

I won't mince words too much here. I have written already about the desirability of reestablishing the Royal Navy as the Senior Service. Navy people would argue it has always been "senior" but let's face it the disastrous merging of the services into the DoD back in the 1960s took status away from all of them. It may have suited US aims of neutering the UK (and the UK was was lying on the operating table with legs akimbo in the early 1960s... pardon my bluntness) but it was a severe mistake that has led to a long-term muddying of the waters. It turned the sometimes public jostling, before that time, for attention, funds and strategic prioritisation between the services into more private internal jostling within the corridors of the faceless Ministry that the DoD engendered. It also allowed the likes of Liam Fox to foist their Atlanticist interests upon the UK.

How should it ideally be? Really quite simple.. Dissolve the Department of Defence... Reinstate the Admiralty (with a Cabinet position), separate out a Ministry for the Army and a Ministry of the Air. Separate the intelligence services, re-establishing Room 39 for the Navy. Defence procurement would cease to exist with purchasing being carried out by each of the services according to their own requirements.   

And, of course, the First Lord of the Admiralty job would go to a LibDem. 

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