Friday, 13 September 2013

Trident and the Special Relationship

Danny Alexander makes a nuanced case on the issue of the Trident renewal /alternatives issue here:

The error he makes is in even mentioning comments of the US President as a justification. The current US President has shown himself to be eminently unquotable after six years in the job. 

Danny Alexander's admonition "...that obligation means we must work closely with all our allies, especially our closest one" shows he just hasn't got it that the US will do whatever suits the US and British interests will have to coincide. This fawning shows that even he has been sucked into the orbit of US-centrism in the corporate suite of Downing Street. Isn't France the closest ally of the US these days?? 

The argument for maintaining a nuclear capability is very simple, it gives Britain the ability to opt out of the outdated and onerous "special relationship". Making a dash for freedom is that much harder without capabilities of our own. 

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