Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sixth Eye or the Evil Eye?

Hmmm... just when you thought the privacy issue couldn't get worse now we find that the Five Eyes compact has a free-rider... and a free rider which is maybe an unknown to the other "Eyes".

Now this article says that it's only US government information to which the Sixth Eye is not privy... all other raw SigInt metadata is fair game.... phew that is a relief!

Can Mr Hague assure his Coalition partners that it is not UK government information (or that of the governments of the other non-US eyes) that is being shared with this unofficial "ally" of the US and a party that none of the other Eyes are allied with, either unofficially or officially? Is the UK public's information being also bandied about to the Sixth Eye? What has this got to do with short-circuiting terrorist acts in the US or in the countries of the various Eyes...? Wasn't it Mossad that was using forged Australian and UK passports to bump off an "enemy combatant" in a luxury Gulf hotel?


Time we said goodbye to the Big Eye and then they can share whatever they have with their "ally" to their heart's content. 

LibDems might well feel that Britain would be more comfortable in the company of Canada, Australia and New Zealand than this untrustworthy "leaker" of raw SigInt metadata. 

As Orwell might have written it "Five Eyes (not) good, Four Eyes better"  

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