Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Praise De Lawd! Getting (back) Religion on Privacy....

Finally the powers that be seem to have broken with the Hague regime of extreme fawning to the US. 

Is this a case of rising gumption in the wake of successfully derailing the "rush to war" in Syria? There is hope for us yet and Sarah Teather should seriously consider that the good fight is still being fought (and won) and that only troops on the front line to defend Liberal causes will win the fight. 

Before we cry "Oh, happy day!" we will need to be persuaded that this too will not be undermined by the type of mendacity towards the legislative branch that has been shown here and in the US over the last decade (note today is the tenth anniversary of America's own Reichstag Fire). 

The whole secret courts structure that has accreted to protect us over the last ten years reminds us of nothing better (worse?) than the People's Courts under the Nazis in Germany. 

Curiously though, even these Nazi courts seem to have been more public than the "judges signing deeds in chambers" that the secret FISA courts have evolved into. 

The high-point (low-point?) of these Nazi courts was when Roland Freisler:

was suitably despatched when a piece of falling masonry cut short his career... Good riddance to him and to all secret courts...

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