Sunday, 15 September 2013

Nuclear Power - A Great Day for Grasping the Nettle

In a triumph of common sense, the party conference has OKed an ongoing nuclear power program.

The alternative to this was "who knows what.." though we do know what for the Germans have dabbled, and will seemingly fail at enormous cost, in their attempt to remain a competitive industrial power and eschew nuclear energy at the same time.

This article in the Daily Telegraph late last week pretty much sums up the own goal that Germany has kicked against itself and will continue to kick for decades to come.

The Japanese on the other hand with their constant threat of earthquakes and tsunamis are already backtracking from their nuclear distancing post-Fukushima because it became too obvious to them that as an energy-poor island (sound familiar) they had few alternatives . Britain at least has abundant coal if only it wanted to focus on exploiting it..

Did anybody note the irony in the article about Germany about them turning back to burning lignite coal? Does no-one remember the 1980s and the concern about acid rain (oh, memory lane) that was being caused by East Germany (most notably) burning brown coal for electricity generation. Its taken a DDR-born Chancellor to come full-circle back to burning the same coal. Scotland brace yourself for the acid rain.... there will be a lot more of it coming your way.

The lesson here on nuclear power, abolish in haste, repent at leisure.. Thank goodness, we have seen the light..

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